New Gun Program Launched By MT Real Estate


The entrepreneurs who founded MT Real Estate are bringing a new concept to home buyers in and around Chandler, AZ. Not only do Marc Sepulveda and Brandon Johnson offer lower listing broker commission on the selling side and a cash back rebate to buyers, they are also providing each client with an added bonus when they close on a new home: a gift card to purchase a gun or pay for gun safety classes on any home purchased in the month of December.
While this gift card may seem as a strange offer to some, Marc & Brandon believe firmly in an individual’s ability and right to protect his or her home and family. By presenting clients with the ability to purchase a gun immediately after closing on their new home, Marc & Brandon are giving people the gift of comfort, peace of mind, and the ability to protect their investment and their families.

Your Constitutional Right

While the right to bear arms has attracted a lot of press and somewhat negative attention in recent years, people are talking about and considering buying guns more now than they ever have before. With so many mass shootings in the media in the past several years, people are determined to find ways to protect themselves and their families, and owning a gun is one way that a lot of people are embracing. The demand for guns and ammunition has soared to record highs in recent years as people fear more mass shootings and stricter regulations on purchasing and owning guns. Arizona was among the top three states to see an increase in gun license applications and gun purchases.
Although individuals have been picking apart the second amendment for years, trying to find a loophole to disallow private citizens from gun ownership, it currently stands that the federal and Arizona state governments allow anyone of proper age the ability to purchase a gun. An eighteenth century judge described the right to bear arms as “an auxiliary right, supporting the natural rights of self-defense, resistance to oppression, and the civic duty to act in concert in defense of the state.”

Arizona Gun Laws

Arizona’s state regulations regarding firearms are some of the most permissive in the country. The state laws do not require state permits to purchase guns, no owner license is required, only partial firearm registration is required, open carry is allowed without a permit, concealed carry is allowed for those over 21 without a permit, and no firearms (including NFA weapons and assault weapons) are prohibited.
The founders of MT Real Estate have lived in Arizona their whole lives, and so have their families for several generations. They believe strongly in the constitutional rights granted to us as Americans and as Arizonians, and the ability to defend one’s life, property, and family is not something that should be undervalued.
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