6 Things To Improve Before Selling Your Real Estate Property

6 Things to Improve Before Selling Your Real Estate Property

While you may be confident that your house is in the best condition possibly, and you think it’s the epitome of perfection, you may not be completely right. There’s always room to improve. Your pride in your house and you unwillingness to make changes might hurt not only you, but also the price of your property.  It might not be that easy to accept that there is a lot to be fixed in your house, but being open to criticism is a crucial part of the process. Maintenance and repairs are something you shouldn’t put off before you sell your house. Many real estate brokers are happy to evaluate your property for you and will give you recommendations as to how you can increase its value. Here are some things that you might consider as soon as you start prepping your house to go on the market.


Buyers might say that the interior is what’s important, but seeing a well groomed landscape will surely entice potential buyers to take a quick look on the inside. Having a poorly maintained exterior only shows that you are not capable of taking good care of your property, especially the parts that can be seen by the neighborhood.

Windows and Front Doors

This is another feature that is easily noticed and may be a reason for buyers to get out of their cars. Having clean windows and a newly painted door is good, but it’s important to make sure they are also in great working condition. Clean the windowpanes and windowsills, and make sure your doors and windows open smoothly and don’t make annoying noises.


This is the first thing a buyer will look at once they set foot inside your house. Consider investing in new carpet or wood flooring. New carpet would definitely improve your homes’ value. Make sure it compliments other areas of your house. If you’re not sure, consult an interior designer for this. The money it will cost you will likely be gained back in the sale of the house, as new flooring can make your property value much higher.

Kitchen and Bathroom

This is often a deal breaker or a deal maker. A spacious and well-organized kitchen and bathroom highly increases your chances of selling your house quickly and for top dollar. Spend time cleaning stubborn dirt on surfaces, especially the toilet and sink. Repair chips on the tub or counter-top to make it look new. Don’t forget the cabinets and counter tops, since buyers will definitely look at them.


A simple improvement on lighting can make a huge difference. It makes buyers feel more awake and alert, and it makes the whole interior seem more inviting. Try changing your bulbs and other fixtures; also make way for natural light to come in so your home will look even better during the daytime. Don’t forget about lighting up your landscape as well, as most buyers will only have time to look at your house during the evening due to tight schedules.


De-cluttering your house might be the cheapest and most effective improvement you can make. Get rid of the things you don’t really use, things that are not making your house more attractive, and things that are just taking up space. Also try to depersonalize your home. Remove your pictures, trophies, and other personal items because buyers need to be able to envision their stuff—not yours—inside your home.
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