Why We Do What We Do at MTREAZ

MT Real Estate (#mtreaz) was formed out of frustration with the status quo. Marc and I have partnered in several other ventures over the years and have always approached them with a pragmatic outlook… unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the norm in #RealEstate. We were both licensed agents, Marc being a commercial specialist and I am a residential/investment property specialist. What we do matters to us. Oddly, neither of us were any too happy with the way things are done in the real estate game. It seemed there was a sense of entitlement for industry professionals that they “deserve” 3-6% of your largest asset. I’m not going to argue that real estate professionals don’t deserve compensation for what they do, but it should be reasonable. We have founded MT Real Estate on the principle that we are going to be the best in the industry, and the best in what we do. We do it for half the commission that others charge. We pride ourselves on taking advantage of all that modern technology offers us to sell your house. We like to implement combinations of SEO, PPC, targeted advertising, and social media to help us sell your property… all paid for out of OUR POCKET. The only way we get a dollar of your money is if WE PERFORM!We are excited to be changing the real estate game, and look forward to saving you LOTS of money while providing an experience you will tell your friends about.

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