How To Design Your Christmas Light Display

Christmas Light Display? No Problem.

The Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone.  The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally the day we unpack the Christmas decor and decorate the entire house with every bit of Santa, snowmen, stockings, and ornaments we can fit into our home.  This year being the first holiday season in our new home.  Finding the right spot for everything is a daunting task.  “Where can we hang the stockings?” “Will the tree fit in that corner?” “When are you going to put up the Christmas lights?” Then it hits me.  “WHAT am I going to do for the Christmas lights?”  I have tough decisions to make.  I want to make a great display but I don’t want to be the guy in the neighborhood that tries to out shine everyone (pun intended).  I also don’t want to be Ebenezer of Chandler, AZ.  I want to make sure this display is absolutely perfect.  I do my research.  Look at countless pictures of displays.  Get lost in YouTube and Pinterest. Then I see this picture and it dawns on me, it’s not about the competition.  It’s about Christmas.  It’s about decorating and putting the lights up together, as a family.  Creating memories and having fun.  I know, being the only person on the ladder, it can be easy to lose site of the fun aspect of hanging lights.  But I know every time we come home and the lights are on, we as a family will be happy to be celebrating the holidays  and memories we made as a family.  So, no matter how big the neighbors display is, I know what ever we come up with will be perfect for us.

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