Real vs Artificial – Christmas Trees

It’s Christmas time and that means it’s time to hunt for a tree to decorate so Santa has a place to put the presents.  What kind of tree should we get? Real? Artificial? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both types of christmas trees.

Pros and Cons for the REAL tree,

Who doesn’t like the fresh pine smell of a real tree when you come home during the holidays?  That scent brings back fond childhood memories of Christmas past.  There’s always the characteristic bald spot or curved trunk that gives the real tree it’s own personality.  Let’s not forget the environmentally friendliness of the lack of manufacturing and the ability of putting your tree to use after the holidays.  Here in Chandler, Arizona, the city will take Christmas trees after the holidays and turn them into mulch to use in the many parks we have throughout this great city.  The most important aspect to a live tree is the annual Christmas tree hunt.  We have many great memories from picking out the tree as a family

Although the real tree has many pro’s, there is also a few con’s that may be a deal breaker for some.  I’m sure you’ve seen the 6 o’clock news burn a tree to show the dangers of a live tree.  As long as you keep it watered, turn off the lights when not in use and dispose of the tree in a reasonable time, a real tree shouldn’t present any hazards.  Then there is the pesky pine needles.  They always seem to stick around until mid summer no matter how much you clean.

Pros and Cons for the Artificial tree

I would think the most common benefit to the fake tree would be the fire resistance.  Manufacturers have guidelines that tell them how much fire resistance a fake tree should have.  An artificial tree also gives you the ability to leave the tree decorated longer since it doesn’t dry out like a real tree.   Some people may also enjoy not having to hunt for the tree every year.

Even though the needles don’t fall off the same as a real tree, I still find them well into the new year.  Then there is the smell.  They may not have a distinct odor but they definitely don’t have the fresh pine scent that smells like Christmas.  One thing I have personally experienced with a fake tree is the assembly.  It never seemed like Christmas when we had to put the tree together by color coded poles.

There can be many great arguments made for both the real and fake trees.  I personally think it comes down to your childhood and your personal preferences.  The most important thing to remember about the holiday season is to make memories with those you love and be kind to one another.

On a side note, We took our family too the City of Chandler Tumbleweed Tree lighting ceremony in downtown Chandler, AZ last night.  My kids loved it.  The parade of lights was a big hit, especially when Santa ended the parade riding on the biggest, coolest fire truck ever known to man, ever.  That’s right, it was a ladder truck.  Following the parade, we made our way to the Tumbleweed Christmas tree.  An odd but enduring Chandler tradition.  Once the mayor flipped the switch, the tree lit up like a beacon bringing in the Christmas season.  After a cup or two of hot chocolate at the San Marcos hotel, the kids were spent.  I would highly recommend putting this on your holiday festival list for next year.  Who knows, maybe Santa will be waiting for you.

Merry Christmas

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