Veteran Housing

My partner and co-founder of MT Real Estate is Navy guy (Corpsman and 2x combat veteran of both Afghanistan and Iraq). I am an Army guy… Maybe it is just me, but it bothers me that when Marc decided to see what the new military residential specialist classes and endorsements were about, that he was one of two veterans in a class of hundreds. It appears like so many other things that this is just a new fad to scoop up all those veteran dollars and take advantage of our servicemen and women. Many of our brothers/sisters in the armed forces are returning to buy their new homes, many of them their first home, with little knowledge of the process and how their benefits really work. They put trust in these certifications and those that carry them, assuming that they will have the serviceman’s best interests at heart. Many of these agents will even “thank” you by lowering their commission by 10%-25%… Our standard commission is 50% of theirs. We take 50% and you get the other half! If you are a veteran, Firefighter, Police, or an Educator We lower our commission even more, to 41.6% of what the other guys charge. Why? Because… we are we. That isn’t a typo. We are Veterans. We are Firefighters. We are the children of Educators. Why? Because we take care of our own; because we have a business model predicated on referrals, on the long game and not on getting fat off a single deal. If you want a no hassle experience, give us a call. If you just want us to review your documents or make sure everything is on the up and up with any transaction that you are in the midst of, we are here for you. We won’t charge anything to make sure you are being taken care of: this is our first priority. We have identified honest companies/individuals for all facets of the home buying and selling process and are happy to share our rolodex with you… even if you aren’t using us for your transaction. It is about doing the right thing for people. What goes around, comes around. Visit or and enjoy honesty in every real estate transaction.

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