Christmas Shopping Guide For Men

Less than a week before Christmas and of course I don’t have all my shopping finished.  Just a few more things to buy and my list is complete.   No matter how hard I try, I always seem to have the stress of shopping the last few days before Christmas.  How can we make this last week as stress free as possible?  Here’s a few tips on finding the perfect gifts without fighting the crowds for hours.

Take Notes

Picking the perfect gift seems to be the most difficult aspect of this season.  “What do they want?” ” What do they need?” “What can I afford?”    The best way to make sure all of these things are answered is to take notes.  Think of something they been saving up to buy.  If it’s something they are pinching pennies to get, there’s a great chance they really want it.  Pay attention to their beloved items that have limited life spans, ie: running shoes, holey jeans, favorite foods.  When it’s something they have loved already, it makes for an easy gift.  Another strategy would be to look for something that would help make their life easier.  This is usually a gift that they don’t know they want or even know of it’s existence.  These surprises are very rewarding when you get them right.  The easiest way to decide on what to buy is to get something they ask for.  How can it get easier than that?

Make A Plan

Once you’ve decided on what your giving to those lucky ones on your Christmas list, make a plan on how to get them.  I like to do a little research online before I head out into the shopping frenzy.  If I know what I’m getting and where, I can usually make quick work of my shopping list.  This can also go for online purchases but it might be a little late for me to do that now.  This can also help me decide if I’m going to Chandler Fashion Center or another one of Chandler‘s fine shopping establishments.  I can make back up plans if more than one store offers the same item.

Make It Fun

Ok, this may sound impossible for guys that don’t like to shop but I have done it.  Get a group of like minded guys, compare your lists and stores, go as a group, and make sure you plan time to hang out.  Grab some refreshments or stop by the sports bar to catch up on the games.  This works on many different levels.  It’s a great excuse to hang out with your buddies and you knock out your Christmas list at the same time.  While your shopping, you also have each other to distract one another from the hustle of then shopping season.   Not to mention, you gotta eat at some at point, right?

I Can Wrap, But They Can Wrap Better

I am perfectly capable of wrapping my presents but it is so much easier to donate a few bucks to charity and have all my gifts professionally wrapped.  And, they look great too.

Gift Cards?

I am a huge fan of gift cards but they do have their time and place.  Although they seem a little impersonal to me, it does allow the recipient to get exactly what they want.  Logical, right?  For some reason, I don’t think this holds true for everyone.  My wife seems to get enjoyment out of returning items too.  Here’s my strategy on this one.  If it’s clothes, make sure you get the right size.  It’s imperative you do a little research.  If you don’t know what color, try something different.  If she wears blues, buy pink.  When she opens it and says thank you, add that you took a gamble on this because you thought it would look great on her.  If she likes it, your a hero.  If she doesn’t like it, you won’t be offended if she took it back.  Now, you’ve put some effort into your gift and she can essentially use it like a gift card.

These strategies are intended to help fellow men to reduce the stress of shopping while successfully completing their Christmas list.  Now, It’s time for me to put these to the test and head out to Chandler, AZ to shop. Oh yeah, don’t forget to shop the smaller businesses around Chandler too.  We have many incredible shop owners that rely on the holiday season of gift giving.

Merry Christmas

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