Ringing In The New Year With A Burst

Ringing in the New Year with a burst, a busted water pipe that is.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

1:15 PM

I get a call Saturday morning January 2nd that my water heater is out and has flooded the garage. Of course I am down in Florida, and won’t be flying home until that night around 11:00 pm. Not quite the way I wanted to end my vacation. We fly in and by the time we get home it’s now after midnight and all we want to do is go to sleep but of course we do an initial inspection to assess the damage. The water had managed to flood into the master bedroom closet and bath room coming in through the baseboards.

The next morning we wake up to continued water leakage and cannot seem to find where the leak is originating from. At this point we are baffled because we have shut off the water to the heater and have drained the tank yet we can visibly see fresh water on the walls above and behind the water tank as well as the garage floors. I could hear a high pitch coming from the garage soon after I began to do a load of laundry so I went to investigate. Sure enough I could see a steady stream of water shooting out the top of the pipes leading into the house. Immediately we turned off all water to the house.

A plumber and remediation team were called out and the drying out process was begun. The walls in the garage had to be cut away and some holes were drilled into the cabinets in the bathroom and master closet. All padding underneath the carpet was cut and removed. The carpet was salvageable so 3 dryers were placed all around the bathroom and master closet with a dehumidifier in the general area. Out in the garage dryers were placed there too. As it stands we still have more drying out to go before any patch work to walls and closets can be done.

As a renter, my husband and I carry Renters Insurance. In case any water damaged had occurred to our personal property we could have easily placed a claim with an adjuster from our company. If we had been the owners in this case, our Home Owners Insurance would send an adjuster to assess the damaged and start the recommend remediation process outlined in the policy. It’s always a good idea to have protection.

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