Real Estate With Pets In Mind

I am currently a renter and have been looking for our next home to buy here in the valley. There are many things I consider in a home that I’m looking for. I need three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms the standard things I would call it but, there are several other things that the house must have with my two dogs in mind. As with me, many people are searching for homes with their beloved pets in mind.

Some of the top priorities for me are grass, shade and water. The dogs need some grass for them to lay on and roll around on. It cools them off better than artificial turf, they can eat it when their stomachs are upset and simply put they prefer grass to gravel.

Another thing that I look for is good shading. My dogs are mainly spoiled and spend as much time as they want indoors yet, they do want and need to be outside, therefore good shading is important to me. Plus, many if not most homes have dessert landscaping which may or may not provide enough shading from our extremely hot summers.

A key element in a house will be a pool. If a house did not have a pool that would be a deal breaker for us. Our eldest dog, Kylie, loves to jump and swim in the pool. She will come home from a walk and step down into the pool to the Margarita shelf to cool herself down. Plus I love having a pool here in Arizona.

I want to know if any of my clients have animals and if they are looking for special features with them in mind. Do they need grass or is artificial turf better suited for them and hopefully help them to find their perfect new pet friendly home.

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