Super Bowl Party Ideas

Super Bowl XILX comes to the Valley, it’s time to party.

The Super Bowl is just over a week away and preparations across the valley have been in full swing for some time now.  Municipalities are prepping for the traffic and crowds, bars and restaurants get busy decorating and offering Super Bowl specials, and then there’s me prepping our new Chandler, AZ home for it’s inaugural Super Bowl Party.

Watching all of the commotion surrounding the big game, I begin to ask myself, what would make my party great? What could deflate my efforts (pun very much intended)? So I began my quest to party success.  Through my research of the world wide web, I’ve compiled a few basic tidbits of party planning knowledge to make your party as awesome as mine.

First and foremost –  Pick a team.  Although you’re likely to have supporters for both teams present, it’s your house and your job to support your favorite team.

TV – It’s gonna be hard to watch the big game if you don’t have a TV  everyone can see.  In most cases, bigger is better.  You can also rent one for the week if you have to.

Seating – Although there will be a a lot of standing and sitting, jumping and yelling, make sure you can make everyone comfortable when there’s a break in the action.

Food – Feed the masses.  Make sure you have planned to feed everyone you’ve invited and extra people that happen to show up.  I never want my guests to leave hungry.  If I have some left overs, I have my meals planned for tomorrow.  Easy and done.

Drinks –   Beverages and food go hand in hand.  If you have the time and means, find out what everyones favorite drinks are and have them on hand.  Granted, you may not be able please everyone but your efforts will definitely be noticed.  Make sure you have something for the designated drivers as well.

Dishes – Once you have the food, make sure you have enough dishes to carry the food.  Paper plates and red solo cups should suffice.  If you want to add something special, find some dishes with your team’s logo.

Bathrooms – Stock up on the restroom essentials.  With food and drinks comes restroom visits.  Make sure you also have the tools on hand to fix potential back ups……..

Games – Have something planned for down time or the fans that are not into the game.  A little bean bag toss is easy and can keep the fun going for hours.

Kids – If you’re throwing a kid friendly party, all of the above also applies to the mini football fans.  Happy kids = Happy parents.

These are just a few basics that will make your Super Bowl party one to remember.

If you’re looking to buy a party worthy house (in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, or Tempe ) to throw your own Super Bowl party, check out my website and don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.

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