Super Bowl House Rentals

What does then Super bowl mean to the Phoenix real estate market?

There is no doubt Super Bowl XLIX brings with it thousands of visitors, many events, and tons of publicity.  The metro Phoenix area is fortunate to host the biggest game in football.  We also host one of the most popular golf tournaments of the modern day, the Waste Management Phoenix Open.   With the influx of visitors, celebrities, and football fans the hospitality market will be operating in high gear. This also brings an opportunity to the average home owner to cash in on the windfall.  Many people are renting out their homes for the week to football fans and golfers alike for a pretty penny.  I’ve read some articles that quote rents up to $1900 / night for a midsize home. Luxury homes can bring in even more.  I’ve even seen vacation rentals from Chandler to Scottsdale to Glendale to Mesa.

Some owners go on vacation.  Others may have a stay-cation.  No matter what they decide to do, there are a few things to consider before you decide to join the ranks of the vacation rental population.

1. Check with your insurance company to see if you need to temporarily increase your coverage or if they will even cover you at all for renting to strangers.

2. Do background checks.

Treat this as you would a regular rental or lease.  You won’t realize the money you’ve been promised if you never get paid.

3. Lock up or store your personal and valuable items.

Your home is a gold mine of personal info that can be used for identity theft.

4. Be a great host.

If you do a great job this year, repeat customers will surely return and even refer you to their friends.

5. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to seek professional help.

No, not that kind.  Call or visit a real estate professional if you have questions.

6. It just so happens we are real estate professionals.  Call us at MT Real Estate 480-694-6199 to find out why we are different.

Have fun watching the games and be safe.

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