DRONES In Real Estate

How Are Drones Used in Real Estate?

The FAA has decided that it is acceptable to fly small commercially available drones for hobby, but not for anything activity involving commerce. They have enumerated further that this doesn’t necessarily mean flying the drone for money, but if there is money involved anywhere along the transaction it is illegal. This means that agents that are flying them now, are doing so at their own risk of $10,000 fines per occurrence and all other penalties allowed by the FAA for flying an un-registered and not properly certified flying machine in controlled airspace. MT Real Estate is in the process of obtaining their part FAA part 333 exemptions to be the ONLY brokerage in the metro-phoenix area legally flying. It is part of our quest to push the boundaries and provide every possible service at our cut rate pricing (1.5% listings for sellers, and ½ our commission back to buyers). Of the two hundred plus exemption requests that have been filed, only 14 have been granted… and most to small companies like Exxon-Mobil. All the same, we press on. All approved exemptions have had commonalities: a licensed pilot to fly it, a spotter (preferably with EMS experience), and strict operating rules. MT Real Estate has all of these… IN HOUSE! I am a licensed pilot with a current medical, and Marc is a Navy Corpsman and Jason is a Paramedic Firefighter. We are hoping for expeditious resolution and approval of our reasonable request to use our drone for the education of our agents (and others) and for advancing our marketing efforts for YOU, the client. This will be a valuable addition to our repertoire of tools. We currently use screen sharing, remote video screening of properties, as well as other technologies to aide in the search for that perfect home and ultimately save you time and effort. Our drone weighs 60oz, a mere 3 lbs, and it is difficult to see what real danger it poses; moreover, if it does pose a threat, why can I fly it for a hobby without any certification/oversight? I understand the complexities of the airspace, and the need to protect it from those lacking common sense, and I hope that the FAA takes a pragmatic approach to helping this Chandler based Real Estate Company help others. Congress has asked the FAA to make more logical and permanent rules for the oversight of drones such as the DJI phantom and our Yuneec Q500, but until they do so… I’m afraid we are grounded.

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