Do It Yourself Realty

The real estate market  can be very intimidating to some.  Other brave souls decide to take on real estate on their own, ( FSBO ).  Which ever one describes you best, we at MT Real Estate are here for you.  We are excited to announce a new way to serve our customers.  We call it the Do It Yourself (DIY) listing.  We will list you’re home or land on MLS for $500, allowing every other agent access to your listing.  To put it in perspective, if you’re selling a $200,000 home, that would mean a savings of $5500.  Who won’t like an extra $5500 in their pockets?  We even offer other trade only services for additional small fees.  Professional pictures, we do that.  Need a professional grade lockbox so all other agents can show your house? We do that.  How about a sign post and professional sign?  We do that.  We can even set up a special sign rider that allows people passing by to take an instant tour.  Coming soon, we will also have one of two drones in the state authorized to take pictures of you listing.  Imagine the exposure you get with all of our profession tools at your disposal.  Now for the best part, If for some reason you are unsuccessful in selling your home, we will credit every penny to a traditional listing,.  MT Real Estate will credit any and all payments made to us during your solo efforts towards our already industry low 1.5% commission. That’s right, you literally have nothing to lose except the potential of spending thousands extra on brokerage fees and commissions!  Give us a call and see what all the talk is about.

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