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My husband’s job relocated us across the country from the D.C. metro area to Arizona this past spring. As if moving across the country wasn’t already stressful enough we were tasked with finding a place we could call home with a small caveat, of course. From the time we arrived in Phoenix we had less than 2 months to find our new residence. We were referred to MT Real Estate by an acquaintance and assured that the staff’s experience; knowledge and longstanding Arizona roots would make certain all of our needs were met.

We worked with Marc Sepulveda, the broker. From the start, he was very attentive to our needs and beyond thorough in ensuring we understood the Arizona real estate market. My husband and I were blown away by his availability as we started initial communications with a 3 hour time difference before our move out west. Through the completion of our buy, Marc continued to make himself accessible pretty much 24-7 via phone, text and email and was very prompt to follow up with sellers upon our inquiries.

We worked closely with Marc to prioritize the home features we sought after and create a realistic checklist of amenities we hoped to find in our future residence. From the start, Marc was aware of our financial situation and the price range we qualified for. Both my husband and I were very taken back as we proceeded in looking at homes being sent our way. Rather than enticing us with homes priced in our higher range with awesome upgrades and some of the amenities we were after, Marc seemed to take a more conservative approach – sending us homes that included the majority, if not all of our listed features, that seemed to fall in the lower-mid range of what we could afford.

Each house that came our way for review included a comprehensive review detailing price per square footage, highlighting features on our check list along with any other pros/cons associated based on our communications. These simple follow up communications immediately helped to eliminate a lot of time aimlessly driving around house to house, which we appreciated immensely!

With the help of MT Real Estate, only 17 days after stepping foot in Phoenix, Arizona, my husband and I put an offer in on our dream home in South Chandler. Marc lowered his commission as part of our final counter offer to make sure the deal was sealed – this floored us, as we have NEVER heard of such a thing!

Everyone we worked with at MT Real Estate was very honest and helpful in guiding us through the entire process – even extending their network of colleagues to us to assist with pre-qualification and escrow, making the process even more simple.

Our expectations were beyond exceeded working with MT Real Estate. It was a pleasure to work with such an honest company and refreshing to know that the broker and his staff shared a genuine interest in helping us find a home that met our needs, rather than the financial incentives available to them.


Natalie H.

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