The Use of Drones in Real Estate

We’ve all, no doubt, seen drones floating around–camera toting devices which can be remotely controlled by a photographer to capture new angles of a scene or simply someone interested in viewing an area without risking the dangers of climbing or descending. These tools are becoming an integral part of many business practices from industrial applications, to warehouse applications, and yes, even real estate.

You may or may not have seen our previous post summarizing the legalities of commercial drone use. It’s of utmost importance to note that any drone in use must be registered by the Federal Aviation Administration, regardless of the intended purpose, be it residential hobby or commercial. Taken from our earlier post:

“All approved [commercial use] exemptions have had commonalities: a licensed pilot to fly it, a spotter (preferably with EMS experience), and strict operating rules. MT Real Estate has all of these… IN HOUSE!”

That’s right. Currently only highly qualified individuals can obtain commercial drone use exemptions, and at the present time, we are the only realtors in the greater phoenix valley area with an exemption!

Think about how well you can examine a property without once stepping foot inside by using a drone to maneuver around the home andn property. This allows you to see every nook and cranny without being physically present. Imagine being able to examine every bit of a roof to determine how long you have until it needs replaced, for example. The features of a drone allow it to be easily maneuvered around the property, so when you purchase acres, you can see each and every one of them and not just what is visible from the back patio.

As we’ve expressed, MTREAZ is the only licensed real estate company in the Phoenix area who is allowed to use these wonderful flying machines to give full tours of our listings, giving those with a limited time window the opportunity to view properties for sale without having to visit or settle with poorly-angled pictures on a web portal. These high definition views allow you to conveniently browse potential home sites without having to take the trip to the site until you’re certain of your decision to take the next step in your home buying journey.

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Image By Halftermeyer (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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